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Choosing Better Passwords

Here are a few hints on choosing better passwords.
use longer passwords
  • pick something memorable like My'56CottageInperth or My'56CinP
  • use phrases that mean something only to you, like my3kiDs8-4-3
  • condense phrases like "My email password is very important" into shorthand like mEMpiVImp! (but don't use song lyrics)
  • add numbers but not birth years (e.g. cmip76b not bobby1980)
  • note that 3 in place of E, and 9 in place of G does not fool the robots

don't reuse passwords
  • use a different password on every site, and not just facebook123 and twitter123
  • pick something awful, or use a random noise generator

use browser memory
  • let your web browser remember most of your passwords
  • except for your bank passwords and your email passwords

lie to security questions
  • or be creative
  • don't give answers that can easily be found in Facebook

write it down
  • write them down somewhere
  • so your family can close your Facebook account
  • more creative passwords are also more easily forgotten
  • store in a safety deposit box, perhaps

More Hints

on websites

on your home computer

in email or on the phone

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