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House Calls and Other Services

We will make house calls within Kanata and Stittsville, to set up computers and other electronic gear. We will explain how things work before we leave and handle phone questions after that.

We will also visit to help you learn how to do things for yourself. We won't rush you because we're in a hurry to go somewhere else. We are available on weekends and evenings.

Here are a few examples, feel free to ask for other help:

Learning About Computers
Our expert will sit with you and help you learn how to use your computer applications.

e-reader Setup
We will show you how to download ebooks and library books to your e-reader.

Set Up a Wireless Router
A wireless NAT/router allows you to use multiple devices on the same internet connection at the same time. It also acts as a firewall to provide more security.
We will supply and install one and explain what it does.

Supply and Install a UPS
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has a battery in it to provide protection from hydro brown-outs and brief power failures.
We will supply and install one and explain what it does.

Tidy and Label Everything Under the Desk
tangled If the space under your computer or behind your TV is a mess, we will crawl around to tidy the wires and label them for you. We can also provide protective covers if your kittens are chewing on them.

Household Computer Moves
We will move your computers around inside your house, or pack up the computer at your old house, move it to your new home, and make sure it still works properly.

Set Up and Host a Small Web Site
We can set up and host business or personal web pages and email addresses. We use your supplied text and pictures to create the site, and make continuing changes as you request them. We aim to create simple, useful, easily navigated web sites.

Hard Drive Installation
We will install an internal hard drive for extra computer storage.

Computer Repair
Many computer problems can be repaired without buying a whole new computer. Often a single inexpensive part can get you up and running again.
Even computers that will not boot can usually be rescued.

Purchasing Assistance
small fire Since we can't fix everything, we can help you buy and set up appropriate new equipment.

Troubleshoot Unusual Computer Behaviour
If your computer seems to be doing something out of the ordinary, or has slowed to a crawl, we can diagnose and fix the problem.

Wii or PVR Setup
We will set up your Wii or PVR and show you how to use it.

Remote and Telephone Support
We do accept phone calls from our established customers and can solve many problems over the phone.

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